Women are a strong asset in North Africa’s social, societal and economic development. Expert, autonomous, collaborative, they are ready to take up bravely the challenge that numeric, economic and environmental development is.

Our network, the RFLM

The “Réseau des Femmes Leaders Maghrébines” (or The Network of North African Female Leaders) was founded in June 2017 to the initiative of the Association Internationale des Maires Francophones and the city of Tunis with the goal to establish a lasting partnership between the networks and cities.

The RFLM network is at once:

  • An independent regional non-profit organisation, which supports the economical integration of the area, namely in Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Tunisia.
  • Originated from the will of leader women, sharing common values, to have a say in the decisions impacting their environment, their everyday life and their future, in the respect of Human rights.

Our members

Our members are female leaders, willing and determined, originated from one of the five countries of North Africa. They are recognized experts and competent in their fields, share common human values, with a thing for sharing, solidarity, tolerance, and thrive to make the network’s missions a reality.

Journées Européennes du Développement 5 et 6 Juin 2018

Our mission

  • Create a framework for inter-Maghreb reflection on women’s development and economic integration policies and become a catalyst network for gender equality.
  • Promote civic education and cultural development of citizens in the humanist spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Strengthen the action of local authorities in the service of the economic, social, societal and cultural development of populations.

Our fields of action

  • Education and culture
  • Peace, security and inclusion
  • Environment and renewable energies
  • Economy and job creation
  • Sport for local development
rflm membres


To be a representative movement of female leaders with a credible and influential propositional force that enriches the debate, inspires and provokes socio-economic change.


  • Solidarity and sharing
  • Confidence
  • Intellectual honesty
  • Spirit of initiative, mobilisation and capacity to influence
  • Tolerance, mutual respect and acceptance of others
  • Mobilisation and perseverance
  • Modernity and open-mindedness


  • Creating a dynamic of gathering, reconciliation and acceptance of the other in order to promote the integration of the Maghreb region
  • Establishing an economic model based on the principles of sustainability, economic, social and cultural development
  • Favouring any action that promotes dialogue and solidarity among women in the Maghreb
  • Encouraging women and young people to become entrepreneurs in growth sectors and in the digital, green and circular economy
  • Participating, implementing and supporting projects that create jobs
  • Connecting the Maghreb countries for a better exchange of expertise between members and the creation of common projects adapted to local specificities.
  • Acting on the civic education and culture of citizens by strengthening the presence of women in decision-making bodies

United for a better Maghreb